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We Help Women Embarrassed By Incontinence, Struggling With Pelvic Pain, Dealing With Digestive Issues, or Wanting to Feel Confident and Fit After Baby 

...(Even If It’s Been 30 Years), So That Their Energy And Attention Can Shift Towards Doing All Of The Things They Love To Do.

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Every day, women consult Nancy Branberg, PT, looking for answers to questions about things that should only happen in the bathroom or bedroom and that they are too embarrassed to talk to their mother, their sisters, their closest friends. When they do ask, there are lots of embarrassed giggles and words like “that’s just what happens after babies or when you get older".

People Who We Help Include…

  • Pregnant Women - Who want to remain active and safe throughout their pregnancy.
  • Moms  - Who want to jump on the trampoline without fear of leaking.
  • Women - Who are afraid to be intimate because of pain.  
  • Active Women - Who love to travel but have stopped because they are never sure where the next bathroom may be.
  • Active Grandmothers - Who want to play with their grandchildren but are worried about leaking.
  • Busy Women - Who have  pelvic pressure and are worried that surgery is the only answer.  
  • Young Mothers - Who are worried that they won’t get their body back because they may have a diastasis recti.
  • Women Of All Ages - Who have been told that things down there are just normal and you need to learn to live with it.

Want Help Deciding if Physical Therapy is Right for You?

We understand that some people want to find out a little more about physical therapy before booking an appointment. If you want to know about our service, then please just click the button below and complete the simple form. We love to hear your story.

*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our discovery visits sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About Nancy Branberg Physical Therapy


Nancy Branberg Physical Therapy, LLC empowers women to take control of their pelvic issues so that their energy and attention can shift towards doing all of the things they love to do. 

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About Nancy Branberg


Founder and Owner...

Nancy has long had a passion for helping people--especially those who felt they were powerless over their pain.  After becoming a mom and having her own “child-birth” traumas to deal with, Nancy became interested in learning about the pelvis--not just the musculo-skeletal system, but the reproductive and digestive system as well.  Everyday she is amazed by the complexity and the inter-relatedness of all the systems.

Nancy Branberg is Fall Church’s leading physical therapist who is able to help you overcome these problems without medication or surgery.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Nancy Branberg PT

Lynda C.

"Nancy has been a change agent for me. She taught me about the important relationship between the urinary tract and bowels and that helping one improves the health of the other. She taught me exercises which I do daily to improve my need to constantly urinate. Nancy is extraordinarily gentle and effective."

Kate R.

"Nancy is very compassionate about your pain, and is very skilled at releasing painful muscle and myofascial issues. I have had a lot of recurring problems with my SI Joint and pelvic muscles and Nancy has always been willing to keep working on those areas until the pain is resolved."

Rachel M.

I haven't looked back since I was referred to Nancy by another physical therapist who said she was the best around for my “gut issues”.  She was absolutely right - following rectal cancer and the attendant surgeries, my gut has struggled to behave consistently.   Nancy has helped me immeasurably, her visits keeping my abdomen on an even keel. 

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