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Looking For Telehealth Physical Therapy In Falls Church? 

  • Are you someone who is always thinking of other people’s needs first
  • Or do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about driving to and parking for another appointment?
  • Are you tired at the end of the day and just want to be home?  
  • Do you wish that someone would just do something for you? Meet you where you are?

Welcome to Nancy Branberg Physical Therapy!  Our office is in Falls Church, Virginia, BUT we can meet you anywhere that you have internet connection and a camera.  

That’s right, we offer TELEHEALTH consultations and treatment sessions. 

Click below to find out how to schedule your free 20-minute virtual experience.  Find out how easy it is to take care of yourself without the hassles of finding a sitter or a parking space!

Still not sure?  I Understand.  Here’s the Most Common Question, We’re Asked
HOW can we do Virtual Physical Therapy?
Here are the TOP answers:


We take time to talk to you and find out what is going on with you and what you want to get back to doing.


We watch you move in specific patterns that help us determine where you might be “stuck” or “weak”.


We demonstrate ways to help you feel confident to move without pain and worry about leaking.


We watch you demonstrate back to us and keep working together until we’re both confident that you are doing


We create a plan together and set up a schedule that works well for YOU. 

Click Below and we’ll set up a Free 20-Minute Visit.  Looking Forward to Meeting You!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Nancy Branberg and Telehealth Physical Therapy…

Lynda C.

"Nancy has been a change agent for me. She taught me about the important relationship between the urinary tract and bowels and that helping one improves the health of the other. She taught me exercises which I do daily to improve my need to constantly urinate. Nancy is extraordinarily gentle and effective."

Kate R.

"Nancy is very compassionate about your pain, and is very skilled at releasing painful muscle and myofascial issues. I have had a lot of recurring problems with my SI Joint and pelvic muscles and Nancy has always been willing to keep working on those areas until the pain is resolved."

Rachel M.

I haven't looked back since I was referred to Nancy by another physical therapist who said she was the best around for my “gut issues”.  She was absolutely right - following rectal cancer and the attendant surgeries, my gut has struggled to behave consistently.   Nancy has helped me immeasurably, her visits keeping my abdomen on an even keel.